Pluralizm is a private consulting firm dedicated to promoting inclusive, respectful and productive workplaces.  We believe in developing a workplace environment where employees and managers can thrive because of diversity, not in spite of it.

We provide a full range of services for assessing and developing diversity-inclusive competencies:

  • Diversity training programs  to develop competencies, practices and policies for creating inclusive workplaces in private and public sector organizations;
  • Cross-cultural training programs to develop competencies for individuals working internationally and for recently arrived newcomers.
  • Assessment of cultural/diversity competence using the Intercultural Development Inventory® and assessment of emotional intelligence using the EQi-2.0®.   

List of workshops:

Bias Awareness:  

When hiring, promoting, running meetings or managing performance successful outcomes often depend on fair and accurate assessments of individuals . But when biases get in the way the best of intentions can easily miss the mark. This workshop uncovers the many different types of biases that get in the way such as the in-group bias (a preference for people like us), the confirmatory bias (seeking to confirm what we already know or believe), the overconfidence bias (relying too much on intuition) and others. Practical exercises and scenarios will help participants better understand and manage biases to achieve optimal results.      

 Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Exploring dimensions of diversity; appreciating one’s own diversity; becoming aware of the challenges arising from stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination; resolving contentious situations;  linking diversity to the Canadian Human Rights Law, the Employment Equity Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; developing individual and organizational strategies for creating an inclusive workplace.    

The Interculturally Effective Workplace:

Exploring culture’s impact on workplace practices such as interviewing, motivating, working in teams, reviewing performance, running meetings, communicating and supervising; developing strategies and competencies for working effectively with cultural differences; identifying professional and organizational steps for creating an interculturally effective workplace.

Cross-Cultural Leadership:

Exploring the competencies of the international manager; developing a global mindset; identifying strategies for managing multicultural teams; understanding the characteristics of an inclusive workplace; managing performance, providing feedback, resolving conflict and team building.

Pre-Departure Training:

Exploring culture-specific information; fostering cross-cultural competence; developing practical cultural decoding skills; identifying strategies for effectively adapting in personal and professional settings.

On-Arrival Orientation to Canada:

Exploring Canadian culture; understanding workplace ethics; reviewing do’s and dont’s; developing strategies for effective integration.

Re-Entry and Debriefing:

Mapping personal and professional experience; decoding critical incidents; identifying lessons learned and competencies acquired; exploring re-integration styles; developing an action plan.


Cross-cultural  / diversity competence:

With an in-depth assessment using the Intercultural Development Inventory® a detailed profile can be established showing the strengths and weaknesses in working with diversity. The assessment provides the individual, team or organization a detailed rating of where they stand and the developmental steps needed to move toward greater inclusion. Customized coaching, training and a self-directed plan are offered to strengthen the competencies to reach diversity's full potential.

Emotional Intelligence:

What distinguishes high performers from average ones? What makes them succeed as managers overseeing large, diverse teams or as front-line employees dealing with a demanding public? Studies show that Emotional Intelligence is indispensable to reach the highest peaks. We can help you get there with the EQ-i 2.0® assessment and the training and coaching to strengthen the EQ skills that will boost the individual’s, the team’s and the organization’s overall performance